The Back Story of
Finger Lakes Web Works

      Like many small rural communities, there is not a lot of volume for certain businesses to support a full-time business commitment. Some will supplement their business buying a building and renting out parts of it so their business can exist. Two income households with one bread winner, the other person has a side-hustle to bring in some extra money, but it isn't the supporting income. This is where the side-hustle comes in.

     Whether you are working on cars at night, making a craft or product, growing and selling fruits or vegetables, or selling things at a farm market... many people have a side-hustle to make a little side money.

     Finger Lakes Web Works is a side-hustle BUT... it’s based on a 30+ year career that involves working with websites, servers, web hosting, data maintenance, IT, presentations and marketing amongst other business functions. When working for smaller companies you wear many hats. Make no mistake, you will still get the profesional attention you want for your professional business.

    So if you need a presentation or spreadsheet, maybe some data maintainance or a website, give me call. We will meet and talk about what your needs are and make a plan together to meet your need.

Mark Hobbs

DBA Finger Lakes Web Works.